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Starbright Dental

Established in 2014, Starbright Dental is owned by two Gold Coast general practitioners with over 30 years of experience in the health industry. Having owned and operated a medical practice for twenty of those years, they understand the importance of a customer-focussed approach. We place great pride in providing high quality dental treatment, a welcoming environment and amenities to make your experience a relaxed and enjoyable one.  
Our practice is located at 8 Tweed Street in Southport. Off the main road, we can always guarantee free and convenient parking right on our doorstep.
We also understand that it is not always possible to get to the Dentist within working hours so we are now offering weekday evening and Saturday appointments.
An accredited dental practice run by the family-friendly dentists in Southport
Starbright Dental is proudly an accredited dental practice. This accreditation is an independent recognition that our surgery meets the criteria against the six National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards applicable to dentistry. Our professional team is committed to high quality dental care and continuous improvement of our practice policies and procedures. 


  • We are a brand new dental surgery that exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere where we take your dental experience to a whole new level.
  • Our focus is on your preventative care to ensure long term optimal dental health whilst educating our patients.
  • In our patient lounge you can relax whilst watching TV, enjoy a coffee before your appointment or whilst you wait for a family member or friend.
  • We have overhead TVs in our surgery’s equipped with modern technology to be able to show our patients their radiographs and intraoral photos to ensure you are fully informed with what is going on with your dental health. You can choose to watch TV, a DVD or listen to music, the choice is up to you!
  • We also offer flexible payment plans with MacCredit and DentiCare that are designed to your needs.
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