Safe Removal of Amalgams


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The first steps in removing amalgam safely is to have a comprehensive oral examination, which allows us to assess the presence of any dental and oral diseases. We will also assess the amount of the amalgams in your mouth and the condition in which they are in.
Our minimum safe protocol for removal of amalgam fillings is that all amalgam removals are performed using rubber dam isolation to prevent the inhalation of Mercury vapour through the mouth and the ingestion of debris created during the procedures. Inhalation of toxic vapours through the nose is prevented through the administration of medical oxygen through a small nose piece. 
We will also provide you with 2 – 4  Charcoal tablets 10 minutes prior to your appointment. This may help absorb any mercury that may be swallowed. 
If you have more than 5 amalgam fillings we recommend having a hair mineral analysis test to find out how much heavy metal (mercury) or how toxic your body is. These tests will give us indications as to the ways to facilitate the repair and healing of body tissues and organs through diet and supplementation together with removal of heavy metals from the mouth.
A standard range of vitamins and minerals has been shown to be effective in heavy metal detoxification when taken in conjunction with amalgam removal.
We recommend an organic dietary supplement called NDF (Natural Detox Factors) which is expertly formulated to remove toxic heavy metals and chemicals while supporting healthy nutrient balance in the body. You should start taking 1- 3 drops per day in water and increase by 1 – 3 drops every 2 weeks until you take the optimal dose of 2 droppers twice a day. 
Cell Food is another important part in this process as it releases oxygen and hydrogen throughout the body. This means that toxins and wastes are more efficiently metabolized and eliminated, while the tissue is repaired and rebuilt through the body. 
The other supplement is called NatraPrac Plus which is a super food essential protein formula made with the finest whole foods and natural proteins, providing you with naturally occurring antioxidants, essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 & 9), amino acids, plant sterols, naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, catchetins, polyphenols, fibre and alkaline greens. This can be taken daily at any time. This assists the metabolic processes and therefore the elimination of toxins from the body. 
We are here to assist you in removing amalgams safely, to be well informed and to eliminate the source of Mercury exposure and to avoid risks and provide optimal results for your overall health.

Follow up dental and health check:

In general it is recommended that a 3 – 6 monthly check-up be scheduled for a dental and health examination. In most cases we recommend that the supplementation be continued for at least 2 -6 months or as to your dentist’s instructions specific to your needs.
In most cases we recommend that the supplementation be continued for at least 2 -6 months or as to your dentist’s instructions specific to your needs.
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